OQD Women in Tech Data Analytics Internship Programme 2024

Are you a tertiary student looking to improve your skills in the world of data analytics? Only Quality Data‘s 6 weeks internship program is designed just for you!

About Only Quality Data Internship

In this internship program, you will be required to utilize tools such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, or Python to undertake and complete three projects:

1. Human Resource Analytics Project

2. Telecom Customer Retention Analysis: Analyze a dataset from Vertex Mobile Net to devise strategies aimed at boosting customer retention.

3. Accenture Job Simulation Data Analytics Project: Utilize your data analytics and visualization skills to consult for a social media client, advising them on optimizing their content creation strategy.

Seize the opportunity now and enroll today. For more info, visit the OQD website: Only Quality Data

How to Apply

View the full information below:

Complete the form below to embark on your Data Analytics journey through our Project-Based Learning (PBL) implementation.

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