South32 Mines recruitment for May 2024: New jobs and How to Apply

New career opportunities have arisen at South32 Group, a collaborative, caring and inclusive company you should try working for.

South32 Group Operations is recruiting for multiole positions at its mines in Northen Cape. We explore the vacancies open for application this May 2024.

Thereafter, we dwell on How to Apply so that you submit your job application the right way and boost your chances of landing the job… if you meet the requirements.

Careers at South32

South32 is a globally diversified mining and metals company headquartered in Perth, Australia. It has mining operations in South Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg and London Stock Exchanges.

As we have alluded to alread, South32 Group is a caring and inclusive company which can help you step towards a brighter future in your chosen career.

Whatever career path you choose, South32 will support you every step of the way to learn, grow and succeed.

The company offers immense opportunities for your personal growth as well as professional development. Eligible employees will receive an employer contribution towards the company-elected retirement fund. 

South32 will support assistance for part-time studies aligned to role requirements and business needs at accredited institutions to eligible employees.

Job openings at South32

South32 is recruiting for both entry-level and experienced roles this May 2024:

Entry-level: These are job openings that require very little or no experience, and often require minimum qualifications such as Matric, Certificate or National Diploma/ first degree.

Experienced hires: These are positions where emphasis is on prior job experience, higher and wider skills set and expertise on the job. Examplies include management and supervisory roles, artisan team leaderships and engineering/ technician team leads.

How to Apply

To view jobs at South32 Group Operations and apply, follow this easy guide:

  1. Visit the South32 Group Operations careers page. You can use filters to narrow down the vacancies to South Africa.
  2. Browse through the open roles. For the job you wish to apply for, be sure you’re meeting the indicated minimum requirements.
  3. Proceed and apply via the link buttons in the vacancy page. Make sure to submit all required documentation and certificates.

We wish you all the best as you seek to land a role at South32 Group Operations!

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