IEC is recruiting for By-Elections Staff (various positions)

Interested in taking a job that helps perfect our democracy? The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) is recruiting for various positions for the vacancy: By-Elections Staff.

Closing date: Thursday, 06 June 2024

Location: Beaufort West, Western Cape

BY-ELECTION STAFF (VARIOUS POSITIONS) – WC053/2024/46040 Election Contract. (Inclusive remuneration package ranging from R800 to R1 590 subject to statutory deductions and days engaged/trained).

Job Purpose

To contribute towards strengthening electoral democracy processes by assisting in coordinating and implementing the registration of voters and related programmes of the Electoral Commission at voting station level.

Careers at the IEC

A job at the IEC is more than just a gig: it’s a unique opportunity to engage in a role that is actually a calling to ensure the integrity and fairness of the electoral process in South Africa.

When you join the IEC, you become a part of a team dedicated to strengthening the foundations of electoral democracy, a critical component of our nation’s democratic framework.

Mandatory requirements to work at the IEC

Because of the nature of its work as per the Constitution, the IEC has rather stringent requirements you must meet before being allowed to work at the Commission. These include:

South African Citizenship: Being a South African citizen is fundamental, as this work directly impacts the country’s democratic processes. It ensures that those involved in facilitating elections have a vested interest in the nation’s democratic integrity.

Registered Voter: Candidates must be registered voters, demonstrating a personal commitment to the democratic process. This requirement reinforces the importance of understanding and participating in the electoral system one will be supporting.

Political Neutrality: To preserve the IEC’s impartiality, candidates must not have held political office, been political candidates, or been actively involved in political campaigns within the last five years. This criterion ensures that the IEC staff can carry out their duties without bias or conflict of interest.

No Affiliation with Politically Aligned Organizations: Similarly, candidates must not have been elected to office in any organization with party political affiliations or aims in the last five years. This maintains the non-partisan stance of the Commission and its staff, which is crucial for the trust the public places in the electoral process.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must submit a comprehensive curriculum vitae, certified copies of qualifications, and any other required detail to the IEC as indicated in each vacancy.

You may also be required to complete the IEC Vacancies Application Form and submit to the indicated addresses.

For quick-guide on How to register and apply for jobs, click on Download button below to download our quick-guide: Download (PDF)

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